Care instructions

All jewellery unless stated otherwise, is made of a nickel free zinc alloy. This is a industry standard base metal for most costume jewellery. If you have previously reacted to this base metal or developed an allergy towards it, we strongly advise you not to purchase for your safety and rather look at sterling silver or gold plated options. Gold tone is a layer of colour applied over a base metal. This means that the colour of your jewellery will change with wear and tear over time. There are other factors that affect the inevitable colour change. The largest factors are air and the oils on your skin. We suggest you keep your jewellery in an air tight plastic bag and whilst wearing, away from water, sweat, soap, perfume, and lotions.

Sterling silver with gold plating

The base metal of these pieces are sterling silver. A thin gold plating is applied through a method called vacuum plating. This plating will fade with wear and tear but will last longer than non gold plated.

Mañana will not offer any refund or exchange due to wear and tear or the discoluration of your jewellery.